Uplift Your Workplace Health with a Team Building Event

BUPA team building health wellness

Health and wellness in the workplace is a big issue and close to the hearts of all of us at Uplift Events, as we know the benefits that team building events can bring to the workplace.

The great news is that we’re now widely recognised for the events we provide, and how they can contribute to health and well-being in working life.

We were recently featured as one of the expert contributors in a blog post for a leading corporate health insurance provider, Bupa Corporate, about dealing with the issue of improving employee health in the workplace. We were delighted to contribute, as the article recognised the place of team building events in fostering a more positive workplace culture and improving the morale of employees. It is recognition like this that keeps us doing what we do, as more and more companies learn about the benefits of team building events and how good they can be for business.

The benefits of team building events

Team building events offer the perfect way for your workers to get to know each other better out of the workplace setting. This instantly creates a more fun and relaxed atmosphere, where even shy employees will feel more confident in contributing and using their problem-solving skills.

This improves communication between your workers at all levels – the new dynamic that reveals itself at a team building event is then brought back to the workplace. This creates a friendlier, more positive and collaborative working environment.

Having a positive culture will bring out the best in all your workers, increasing motivation, productivity and reducing staff turnover as your employees are more satisfied with their jobs. Also, it shows them you care, which is vital to workplace well-being – we all need to know we’re valued for what we do.

For more information about the many and various team building events we offer, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.