Murder at Labassa

Murder at Labassa Team Building Activity

Synopsis: Teams are transported back in time and into the huge Labassa mansion to solve a 1920s cold case murder and remove the haunting.
Ideal For: Christmas & end of the year functions, project / team celebrations, team building, graduate programs and as a corporate social activity.
No. of People: Up to 60
Team Size: 6 teams of 2 to 10 people
Duration: 2.5 hours
Focus Areas: Team Building, Communication, Problem Solving, Lateral Thinking, Interpretation
Locations: Labassa (2 Manor Grove, Caulfield North VIC)
Fitness Level: Low

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Murder at Labassa Testimonials

Goodman Logo

“The feedback I have received has been incredible – everyone had a sensational afternoon and I have sent out your contact details to the whole office.

Thanks again for such a fantastic day and please thank all of your team too.”

Jo (Executive Assistant) – Goodman International

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“Thank you for a very enjoyable day on Thursday, everyone had a great time and it will be recommended to other teams!
Many Thanks again for facilitating this great day.”

Faye – NAB

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“Thank you for last Friday. I believe the event was a huge success with the team enjoying the afternoon.

I look forward to receiving those photos and sharing with the team.

You and your team were fantastic and it was a very smooth event with 100% satisfaction.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Rose – Woolworths

Murder at Labassa Brochure

Download the Murder at Labassa Brochure

Murder at Labassa Team Building Brochure
Murder at Labassa Brochure

Labassa is one of Melbourne’s most lavishly decorated nineteenth century mansions built with a French Renaissance style.

Since a rumoured murder back in 19th century, Labassa has its own resident relic of the past: a ghost. According to many stories, the resident ghost has been haunting the mansion since the 1920s – keeping Labassa shipshape.

Teams now get the opportunity to be transported back in time and into the huge mansion to solve a 1920s cold case murder and remove the haunting.

Broken up into teams, participants get to explore the unique architecture of the building which features an assemblage of late nineteenth century European style interior decoration. These include a trompe l’oeil ceiling, painted ceilings, embossed imitation leather and other papers, chimney pieces, ceramic tilework, oak parquetry and stained glass.

Teams will need to put on their detective hats as they solve the complex clues and puzzles on both floors of the mansion to find out who is the murderer, what murder weapon was used and the motive behind the murder.

Once teams have solved all the puzzles, they will submit their findings and debrief with the entire group as to how they arrived at their conclusion. Murder at Labassa is a truly unique and fun team building event allowing teams to explore the grounds of the historic Labassa Mansion.

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  • Team building (great team activity where teams will explore the mansion together to solve the mystery)
  • Communication (participants must communicate effectively as some of the puzzles will require everyone to listen to each others ideas to move quickly through the investigation)
  • Problem Solving (teams will need put on their detective hats to solve the mind boggling puzzles and clues that will require different abilities from each team member to unravel the murder mystery)
  • Lateral Thinking (teams will need to think outside the square as some puzzles and clues are not straight forward)
  • Interpretation (reading the story line will require teams to interpret hidden clues to assist them solve the murder)


  • Officials (includes a Murder Mystery host)
  • Event design and execution
  • All equipment and props for challenges
  • Labassa Mansion hire including full and exclusive access to both floors of the mansion and
    the grounds^
  • Detective briefcase will all the clues and evidence for each team to solve & decipher (to be returned at the end of the event)
  • 2 – 3 Hours of fun & challenging puzzles, clues and activities
  • Medals for each person on the 1st placed team (up to teams of 10)
  • Photos from the memorable event provided on a USB
  • Detective lanyards for each participant (to be returned at the end of the event)
  • Event summary and results (to be sent via email after the day of the event)
  • Debrief


To make your Murder at Labassa event even more enjoyable, add a package option which can include:

  • Trophies
  • Bottles of water
  • Prizes (movie tickets, bottles of wine etc)
  • Lunch / snacks