The Heist

The Heist Team Building Activity

Synopsis:A cursed artefact has been stolen and kept in the vault of the famous Xerxes museum. The Heist involves you and your team breaking into the museum to retrieve the artefact and returning it to its rightful owner to end the curse.
Ideal For:Team building, corporate social activity, online team interaction
No. of People:Up to 60
Team Size:4 – 6
Duration:1.5 hours
Focus Areas:Teamwork, Communication, Problem Solving, Lateral Thinking
Locations:Any location in Australia.
Fitness Level:Low

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The Heist Testimonials

Elite Customer Logo“The event certainly met our expectations and we achieved exactly what we set out to achieve. Collaboration, one team, courage and respect for each other.

Communication with each other, cohesion and unity have certainly been improved.

Our experience in working with Uplift Events leading up to our event was efficient, concise and very professional.

The staff were engaging, clear on instructions, kept to time limits which all made for a very enjoyable experience that the team have not stopped talking about!

Challenges were great which were able to identify the different personality types amongst each team.”

Cathy – Elite Customer Solutions

Rowben Consulting Logo“Rowben Consulting have utilised the team at Uplift Events on 3 occasions to date. We are consistently impressed With the level of service, the organisation and can-do attitude of the staff, and the energy that is put into each event. We would recommend using Con and the team for your next corporate event, we know they will be seeing us again!”

Tracee – Rowben Consulting

Deloitte Logo“Thanks for a great day on Friday! Everyone had an awesome time and I will recommend Uplift Events to anyone interested in organising a team building event for their company. I’ve already started spreading the news!”

Leanne (Personal Assistant) – Deloitte

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The Heist Brochure

Download the The Heist Brochure

The Heist Brochure
The Heist Brochure

A cursed artefact has been stolen and kept in the vault of the famous Xerxes museum. In order to end the curse, you and your team have been tasked with breaking into the museum to retrieve the artefact and return it to its rightful owner. Unfortunately, it will not be easy as the museum’s security system has been designed to protect its most prized treasures. Breaking in and opening the vault will require teamwork, communication and problem solving.

The Heist is an online escape room which involves you and your team breaking in, and not out of this museum. Retrieving the artefact cannot be done alone and will require a crack team of specialists working together.

Using a video conferencing platform to communicate and plan, teams will access the online portal to solve escape room style puzzles and riddles. What makes The Heist the ultimate online team building event is the thrill of competing against other teams in the organisation to be the first ones to retrieve the artefact and be declared the winners!

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Objectives / Benefits:

  • Teamwork (the puzzles and riddles can only be solved through working together)
  • Communication (participants must communicate and discuss the puzzles and riddles with each other using video conferencing and messaging)
  • Problem Solving (each room requires the different skillsets of each team member in order to complete many of the problem solving tasks)
  • Lateral Thinking (teams must think outside of the box to solve the puzzles in The Heist)



  • An assigned dedicated event coordinator
  • Event preparation and equipment setup


  • An Official to oversee and manage the event remotely
  • Access to ‘The Heist’ online portal
  • Access to the video conferencing platform to communicate with your team
  • All the puzzles and riddles for the event (emailed or accessed online)
  • Presentations for winning team with highlights


  • Event summary and results (emailed after the day of the event)

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