Team Jeopardy

Team Jeopardy Team Building Activity

Synopsis: Ever fancied your chances on a game show? Team Jeopardy is loosely based on the game show where teams tackle the Jeopardy board to complete challenges across a multitude of disciplines. Make the most money at the end of the day and be hailed as the new Team Jeopardy champion!
Ideal For: Christmas & end of the year functions, project / team celebrations, team building, graduate programs & and as a corporate social activity.
No. of People: 5 – 100
Team Size: 3 – 8 people per team
Duration: Can be tailored anywhere from 1 to 4 hours
Focus Areas: Team Building, Communication, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Leadership, Strategy
Locations: Any indoor area in Victoria or Sydney.
Fitness Level: Low

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Team Jeopardy Testimonials

Elite Customer Solutions Team Jeopardy Event “The event certainly met our expectations and we achieved exactly what we set out to achieve. Collaboration, one team, courage and respect for each other.

Communication with each other, cohesion and unity have certainly been improved.

Our experience in working with Uplift Events leading up to our event was efficient, concise and very professional.

The staff were engaging, clear on instructions, kept to time limits which all made for a very enjoyable experience that the team have not stopped talking about!

Challenges were great which were able to identify the different personality types amongst each team.”

Cathy – Elite Customer Solutions

Grant Thornton Team Jeopardy Activity “I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you so much on behalf of Grant Thornton for the coordination and all the effort you guys put into the day. It was an awesome experience in the end and everyone had a great time.

You guys were really well organised and will come highly recommended to anyone who asks. We will definitely be leaving you some great feedback of the experience we had.

Thank you so much also for your prompt forwarding of the photos you took, greatly appreciated.

Hope you have a merry Christmas and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

Daniel – Grant Thornton

Optus Team Jeopardy Team Activity “On behalf of our Management team I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience we had last week. The team enjoyed the event and it was great to have everyone focused on working together to meet the end result.

The overall impact on the team has been exceptionally positive – they haven’t stopped talking about it. We feel that the whole event has engendered a stronger team commitment to our departmental and company goals. Not only was it great to see everyone working as a team we also believe it was a great opportunity for us to learn a little more about each other.

It was the perfect mix of structured activity and fun! We will certainly consider Uplift Events for future events as well as recommending you to my colleagues.”

Trang (Team Co-ordinator) – Optus

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Team Jeopardy Brochure

Download the Team Jeopardy Brochure

Team Jeopardy Team Building Brochure
Team Jeopardy Brochure

Ever fancied your chances on a game show? Well now you can with Uplift Events’ Team Jeopardy. Team Jeopardy is NOT a quiz or trivia night, but so much more!

Participants are broken up into teams and have a set amount of time to try and win as much money from the Jeopardy board! The event typically begins with a team based challenge to determine who gets first selection on the Jeopardy board. Each challenge is then outlined on the back of the game cards selected from the Jeopardy board – separated by categories. The categories cover a multitude of disciplines ranging from general knowledge, puzzles, problem solving through to number problems etc. Once a card is selected, teams have to decide whether to attempt the challenge.

The challenges in each category on the Jeopardy board increase in value incrementally, ostensibly by difficultly and completion time. Teams will need to make the conscious decision to either complete many smaller and easier challenges worth little prize money, or attempt harder and longer challenges worth more prize money. Team strategy will definitely come into play to be hailed as the office Team Jeopardy champion. Team Jeopardy is the perfect indoor event which can be run in a large office boardroom or conference room.

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  • Team building (great social / fun activity to get to know your work colleagues, friends, family better)
  • Communication (individuals are required to communicate and co-operate in a team environment)
  • Decision making (teams will need to decide how to work together and complete the challenges to win the most money)
  • Problem solving (teams will face challenges to test their problem solving ability)
  • Leadership (individuals are required to take lead at certain points throughout the event)
  • Strategy (teams must work out the which categories to tackle first based on team strengths)


  • Officials (includes a game show host)
  • Event design and execution
  • Jeopardy board and all the equipment and props for challenges
  • Public liability insurance
  • Team folder with pens (to be returned at the end of the event)
  • Bandana with team colour for each participant (to be returned at the end of the event)
  • Photos from the memorable event provided on a USB
  • Event summary and results


To make your Team Jeopardy even more enjoyable, add a package option which can include:

  • Trophies
  • Bottles of water
  • Prizes (movie tickets, bottles of wine etc)
  • Lunch / snacks

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