Prison Break

Synopsis: Prison Break is an exciting strategic event where teams work together to break out of a high security prison. With themed prison guards and costumes, Prison Break will allow inmates (participants) to develop their prison alter ego and interact with each other in a fun simulated environment.
Ideal For: Christmas & end of the year functions, project / team celebrations, team building, graduate programs, bucks/hens parties, birthdays & as a corporate social activity.
No. of People: 5 – 100
Team Size: 3 – 8 people per team
Duration: Can be tailored anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours
Focus Areas: Team Building, Communication, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Leadership, Strategy
Locations: Any boardroom or conference venue in Australia. However, Prison Break is best run at one of our suggested venues.
Fitness Level: Low

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Prison Break Testimonial

REA Group Team Event “I would like to thank everyone from Uplift events for creating a wonderful team offsite for REA Marketing group.

The Prison Break event ran smoothly, was challenging and most importantly, was a heap of fun! The feedback from the day was incredibly positive, I think everyone enjoyed creating their prison alter-ego a little too much!

Thank-you to the wonderful staff who ran the event on the day, their enthusiasm and eagerness to help was wonderful.

The setting at Pentridge Prison was a perfect place to get into character and witness the history the place has to offer, while the event was a cool way to integrate new employees.

REA enjoyed the activity as it created an environment where everyone had to work together to achieve a common goal. Great for team bonding, would highly recommend!”

Mia (Executive Assistant) – REA Group

Reliance Petroleum Team Event “The team had a fantastic morning with the team from Uplift Events. All were unaware as to what they would be doing that day, so it was great to see how enthusiastic they all were to participate. Upon finding out they were doing Prison Break, there were a few cheers which was great to hear.

Sam was fantastic in leading the event, his energy & enthusiasm for what he does is awesome. He made the group feel very comfortable with his easy going & friendly nature. It was a fantastic day had by all with feedback from the team afterwards saying how much fun they had.

Thank you Uplift Events & Sam for all your help & work in hosting the event, it was a great day had by all.

It was great to have the two groups mixed with people from different teams to get to know each other & also understand their strengths & weaknesses & how to work together as a team. From a managers perspective it was great to see who took the lead to motivate & get the team going.

Sam was very thorough with the information he sent & the follow up calls also. He made sure to have the paperwork I needed to keep track of. Was great to also have a call just before the event & follow up afterwards.

All the feedback I have had from all who participated was positive they all had a fantastic day

Everyone loved the activities as it got to test their minds a little & think about how to solve the problem

Will definitely look at another event at some point next year for the teams to do.”

Soula – Reliance Petroleum

Symbion Team Event “There were a few in the team who were not overly keen with the idea of team building at ‘Pentridge Prison’. Since participating they have been talking about how good it was! It was successful as we had fun together. Very professional, fun and prompt with sending pictures of the event. Would recommend to anyone. Staff were great fun and helped get the team into the spirit.”

Jo – Symbion

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Prison Break Brochure

Download the Prison Break Brochure

Prison Break Team Building Activity Brochure
Prison Break Brochure

Prison Break kicks off with inmates split into teams and developing a prison gang identity together with a back story. Inmates will get into character with fake tattoos, bandanas and several props provided to set the theme for the event. Throughout a series of fun, mental and strategic challenges, teams will work together to decipher clues, bribe guards and steal a master key, following a standard “Dummy’s Guide” to break out of prison plan – think Shawshank Redemption.

The group objective is to break all teams out of Prison as quickly as possible with teams who have successfully broken out being able to assist the teams still inside. Each team will also be given a break out of prison plan which will contain a task list of activities they will need to complete in order to move on to the next stage of the break out.

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  • Team Building (great social / fun activity to get to know your work colleagues, friends, family better)
  • Communication (individuals are required to communicate and co-operate in a simulated environment)
  • Goals and Targets (teams have a common goal and must all work together to help everyone break out of prison)
  • Problem Solving (teams will face challenges to test their problem solving ability)
  • Leadership (individuals are required to take lead at certain points throughout the event)
  • Strategy (teams make key decisions concerning when to bribe the prison guards)


  • Officials (includes a host)
  • Event design and execution
  • Event delivery to your office / conference room OR access the following venues for an additional venue fee
    – Pentridge Prison*
    – Royal Melbourne Hotel*
    – Old Geelong Gaol*
    – Maitland Gaol (Newcastle, NSW)*
  • All equipment and props for challenges (including costumes, bandanas, fake tattoos, themed challenges – to be returned at the end of the event)
  • Public liability insurance
  • Team folder with pens (to be returned at the end of the event)
  • Photos from the memorable event provided on a USB
  • Event summary and results
  • Debrief

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Prison Break Venues

Upgrade your Prison Break event to one of these amazing venues:

  • Pentridge Prison (Coburg VIC)
    Work together to break out of Melbourne’s famous D-Division at HM Prison Pentridge. Sit inside the real life prison cells in D-Division which are creepingly eerie, with the last person executed in the gallows of D-Divison in 1967.

  • Royal Melbourne Hotel (Melbourne VIC)
    The Royal Melbourne Hotel was home to Melbourne’s Bourke Street-West Police Station. Teams can do the event in the original bluestone heritage-listed Cellblock with lunch / food and drink packages available as well.

  • HM Prison Geelong (Geelong VIC)
    HM Prison Geelong was once a maximum security prison, built by the prisoners who were being held there. With no plumbing or heating it was a miserable place to live, finally closing in 1991.

  • Maitland Gaol (Newcastle NSW)
    Maitland Gaol opened in 1848. By the time of its closure, on 31 January 1998, it had become the longest continuously-run gaol in Australia. There are many different cells and grounds to hire at this venue.


To make your Prison Break even more enjoyable, add a package option which can include:

  • Trophies
  • Bottles of water
  • Prizes (movie tickets, bottles of wine etc)
  • Lunch / snacks

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