Polly Woodside Escape

Polly Woodside Escape Team Building Activity

Synopsis: Do you always look forward to ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’? If your answer was “Aye Aye Captain!” then this is the event for you. Polly Woodside Escape is an entertaining strategic event where teams work together to escape off Melbourne’s famous Polly Woodside, before the Pirates force them to walk the plank.
Ideal For: Christmas & end of the year functions, project / team celebrations, team building, graduate programs, birthdays & as a corporate social activity.
No. of People: 5 – 50
Team Size: 3 – 6 people per team
Duration: Can be tailored anywhere from 2 hours to 3 hours
Focus Areas: Team Building, Communication, Lateral Thinking, Problem Solving, Leadership, Strategy
Locations: Polly Woodside (South Wharf, VIC)
Fitness Level: Low

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Polly Woodside Escape Testimonial

PWC Logo

“On behalf of PwC’s summer Vacationers, I would like to thank you for an extremely engaging and memorable event that was enjoyed by all. Con and the team were full of energy, were well organised and the feedback from our participants was amazing. We’ll definitely be using them again in future!

Yours sincerely,”

Kat – (Campus Advisor) PricewaterhouseCoopers

Telstra Logo

“On behalf of the Telstra Team — Corporate IT Solutions, I would like to thank you and your team for a fabulous event.

This was the best event we’ve had, your team were friendly and well organized which made the whole event seemless. The feedback I have received from staff was ‘Amazing and so much Fun’.

Thanks again for making our event so fantastic, I looking forward to using Uplift Events for our furture quarterly events.

Talk soon,”

Liz (Implementation Manager and Social Director; Corporate IT Solutions) – Telstra

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Polly Woodside Escape Brochure

Download the Polly Woodside Escape Brochure

Polly Woodside Escape Team Building Activity Brochure
Polly Woodside Escape Brochure

The Pirates of Polly Woodside found a treasure chest on an island. However, as they are not the brightest bunch of pirates, they have not been able to open on the chest to enjoy the spoils. Shiver me timbers!

This is where you, the participants come into play. Having been captured by the pirates as their prisoners and split into gangs, everyone has been given a chance for freedom if they can unravel the clues to open the treasure chest. The event sets sail with prisoners getting into teams and creating a pirate shanty about how they were kidnapped and ended up on this pirate ship

The group objective is to escape off Polly Woodside as quickly as possible through a series of fun, mental and strategic challenges. It will allow participants to explore the entire ship and the many rooms and hidden secrets aboard the ship.

Polly Woodside Escape is designed to be a low impact event to suit a wide range of ages and abilities.

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  • Team Building (great social / fun activity to get to know your work colleagues, friends, family better)
  • Communication (individuals are required to communicate and co-operate in a simulated environment)
  • Lateral Thinking (teams have to think outside of the square to solve some of the clues)
  • Problem Solving (teams will face challenges to test their problem solving ability)
  • Leadership (individuals are required to take lead at certain points to avoid stagnating over a problem)
  • Strategy (teams make key decisions concerning when to bribe the pirates)


  • Officials (includes a host)
  • Event design and execution
  • All equipment and props for challenges (including costumes, bandanas, fake tattoos, themed challenges – to be returned at the end of the event)
  • Polly Woodside hire and access to entire ship and museum
  • Public liability insurance
  • Photos from the memorable event provided on a USB
  • Event summary and results
  • Debrief


To make your Polly Woodside Escape even more enjoyable, add a package option which can include:

  • Trophies
  • Bottles of water
  • Prizes (movie tickets, bottles of wine etc)
  • Lunch / snacks

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