Paparazi Team Building Activity

Synopsis: Armed with a camera, you and your team become a member of the Paparazzi for the day as you take on a fun team assignment to snap up key photos of celebrities, locations and your team. Explore the culture of your city while promoting team interaction & creativity.
Ideal For:Christmas & end of the year functions, project / team celebrations, team building, graduate programs, bucks/hens parties, birthdays & as a corporate social activity.
No. of People:5 – 200+
Team Size:3 – 10 people per team
Duration:Can be tailored anywhere from 1 to 4 hours
Focus Areas:Team Building, Communication, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Leadership, Strategy
Locations:Melbourne CBD, Sydney CBD, Geelong CBD, Gold Coast and any other location in Victoria.
Fitness Level:Low – High (Tailored to suit any fitness level required)

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Paparazzi Testimonials

Minifab Team Event“Everyone had a fantastic time at the Paparazzi event organised by uplift events. People were talking about it for days after and commenting on how much fun they had.

We are a very cohesive group anyhow, but I believe it has helped improve this even further, and for people across different areas to get to know their fellow colleagues.

Very professional and all questions answered as required. Very pleasant to deal with

Everything went to schedule both before event and on day

Fabulous fun. Not too hard, but difficult enough to make us have to think a bit.”

Mark – Minifab

Vincent Care Team Event“HomeConnect would like to thank you for providing us with a brilliant team-building day!

On behalf of the team, I’d like to extend my gratitude to you and your colleagues for providing a stimulating, entertaining and meticulously organised event. As a new team and a new program, HomeConnect hadn’t had an opportunity to get together and bond in this sort of setting – Paparazzi was the ideal setting for us to finally do so! Ultimately, Uplift Events has provided us with the perfect opportunity to get to know one another outside the work setting. It was an invaluable experience.

Without a doubt, we’ll be referring Uplift Events to our colleagues and to others within the organisation.”

Josh (Administration Officer) – Vincent Care

FMD Team Event“Just a quick note to advise that everyone at FMD who participated in the Paparazzi event on Friday had a fantastic time. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and all enjoyed the day.

Thank you to you and your team for making it a terrific day for all.”

Nannette – FMD

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Paparazzi Brochure

Download the Paparazzi Brochure

Paparazzi Team Building Activity Brochure
Paparazzi Brochure

Attention! Uplift Events needs your help to take key photos of iconic locations of your city, celebrities and of your team in this fun and energising team building assignment. You will be hired as a member of Uplift Events’ paparazzi team for the day to help snap key photos all over the city. The only issue is that not all these locations are easy to find, and they have been scattered and hidden to prevent the paparazzi finding them. You and your team will have to decipher cryptic clues to find them. Time is of the essence, and the team that delivers the most paparazzi photos at the end of the day will win the title of Chief Paparazzi!

After your team brief, teams will be given their camera and assignment with a series of cryptic clues and tasks that they will have to complete. Each photo and task will attract a certain number of dollars (points) at the end of the event. The team then has to decide which photos and tasks to complete within the allocated timeframe to make the most money from their day’s work. Visible team involvement in the activities and photographs are encouraged, which may also involve members of the general public!

Your assignment will be broken down into Activity, Location and Celebrity photos. Each of the photos will require plenty of creativity and imagination depending on the task and location where the photo has to be taken. Some may involve an Uplift Events’ staff member who may give you your assignment at that location. Others may require teams to track down locations on the map and take a team photo at that location.

At the end of your event, you can have the option to have your photos shown on the big screen (back at the office or at your conference/dinner) to reflect and see who did the best job as a member of the paparazzi. If you and your team are game and want to have fun and test your creative juices, why not take on the assignment of a paparazzi photographer and explore the hidden hot spots of your city!

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  • Team Building (great social / fun activity to get to know your work colleagues, friends, family better)
  • Communication (individuals are required to communicate and co-operate in a team environment)
  • Decision Making (teams must decide which photos to take to earn the maximum amount of money)
  • Problem Solving (careful planning is required to determine the most efficient route to take as many photos as possible)
  • Team Interaction (many fun and entertaining tasks where everyone is encouraged to participate)
  • Creativity (some tasks and photos will require a team’s creativity to gain maximum points)
  • Fun (hilarious, energising and heaps of fun for everyone involved)
  • Strategy (required in making key decisions to determine how to complete some of the photo challenges presented to them)


  • Officials (includes a host)
  • Event design and execution
  • All equipment and props for challenges
  • Public liability insurance
  • An Uplift Events assignment sheet
  • An Uplift Events Race Pack which includes clue sheet, location map, pens and paper (to be returned at the end of the event)
  • Coloured Sweatbands for each team
  • A digital camera and case
  • Photos from the memorable event provided on a USB
  • Event summary and results


To make your Paparazzi event even more enjoyable, add a package option which can include:

  • Special challenges*
  • Trophies
  • Bottles of water
  • Prizes (movie tickets, bottles of wine etc)
  • Lunch / snacks

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* Special challenges are an activity or prop equipment that is provided by another supplier where an admission, purchase, hire or booking fee is required.