Tips for Boosting Your Staff Out of the Mid-Year Motivation Slump

upliftevents - Tips for Boosting Your Staff Out of the Mid-Year Motivation Slump

Running a business is a tough enough prospect at the best of times, and that’s why building a good team to support you is crucial. As we reach the halfway point in the year, you may be seeing signs of your team starting to flag. It could be the result of finishing the previous year on a high, or a big push at the start of the current one, meaning many people do start to feel sluggish at this time of the year. Add to that the juggling-act nature of modern living that involves bringing up children, work, travel, and more. When your staff’s energy levels are going through a slump, it falls upon you as leader to try and motivate them to boost performance, morale and productivity.

So, how do you lift your workers out of the mid-year blues? The good news is that there are a few methods available that can break the monotony and inject fresh impetus into your company’s efforts.

Revisit your annual targets

Many businesses have annual targets that they set out at the beginning of each financial or calendar year to work towards over 12 months. Now may be a good time to revisit them and remind yourself and your staff of what those goals are. Doing so will make all the hard work more meaningful if everyone understands what‘s at stake and its importance to the success of the business. Revising your targets also allows you to work out if those goals are still relevant or realistic. Low morale is sometimes the result of a lack of belief in a project, so refocusing can boost motivation.

Break targets into fun, short-term goals

Revisiting and potentially revising annual targets is a great way to get everyone enthusiastic about the company’s goals and give them a better chance of being achieved. To keep your staff even more motivated, why not try breaking down annual targets into smaller, short-term goals? Breaking down what you want to achieve into weekly, monthly, or perhaps quarterly goals gives workers the opportunity to celebrate achievements more often and keep them keen and engaged.

Liven things up with small perks

As with refocusing on your goals, it also helps to provide your staff with small perks as rewards for good results. The types of perks you can offer your team will depend on the resources available to your company, but can include simple pleasures such as time off for special occasions, or perhaps a fun team-building event. If you feel someone could do with an extended weekend or a chance to work from home, you will actually be giving them something even money can’t buy.

Knowing that their boss will look after them and reward their hard work is a great way to keep workers motivated and loyal.

Always lead from the front

Something that is often underrated but is actually a priceless gift for any leader is the ability to lead your team from the front. A good leader should be able to read the mood of their colleagues and have the knowledge of how to turn things around when the company hits a slump. Lead by example and show the rest of the staff how optimistic, enthusiastic, positive and determined you are about the company’s prospects. Positivity is infectious, and your team will soon be feeling more inclined to be pulling together again.

Always remember to let staff know that they are appreciated

Unfortunately, human nature makes us more inclined to notice when things go wrong, rather than when everything is going well. This is particularly true of successful companies, as workers achievements can easily start being taken for granted. Showing gratitude makes employees feel part of the team, and confirms to them that their contributions are being noticed.

Loosen up and have fun together

You may be working on a long term project, or yours may be a high-pressured role within a competitive environment. Either way, getting to know each other better in a non-work environment is a good way to give your staff a boost. Again, ideas for this do not need to be complicated and can include a night out for the team for a few drinks, dinner, bowling or something more adventurous such as go-kart racing.

Powering through the mid-year

There is no doubt that any organisation can fall prey to a mid-year motivation slump. Whether it’s a team that has lost sight of the company’s goals, or your staff are flagging under relentless pressure, something will need to be done to arrest the slump. While financial rewards are one way of achieving an immediate uptick in productivity, the good news is that not every method has to cost the business a fortune. In most cases, it is the human touch that matters the most and will achieve better results in the long run.

That may just be the secret source to not only giving your team a boost, but to successful organisations in general. Always let workers know their hard work is appreciated, reward them and keep working alongside them towards common goals… and the rest will follow!

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