The Breakroom: Make Your Office A Fun Place To Work

upliftevents - The Breakroom: Make Your Office A Fun Place To Work

Happy employees are productive employees. Innovative businesses are always searching for new ways to make their office a place that employees want to be.

We don’t all work at Google, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t follow their lead by making employees the focus of office design by providing break out spaces that encourage collaboration, creativity and relaxation.

In this article you’ll find some basic ideas to build your space around. We’ve left plenty of room for innovation. Remember, no one knows your employees as well as you do, so make sure they are front of mind when you are designing your space. They’ll certainly thank you for it and your bottom line will too!

Create An Inviting Space

It is hard to relax in a space that is cold and sterile. A splash of colour is a great place to start. Flowers and indoor plants break up a room and lend a relaxing atmosphere. Bright artwork can bring bare and drab walls back to life.

Choose furniture that is multi-purpose, so that the room can accommodate large and small groups. Office employees are stuck in an upright office chair for most of the day, breakroom furniture should be comfortable and soft, so employees can take a moment to unwind.

Invest in a state of the art coffee machine

Coffee is the fuel that drives your workforce. It’s time to get rid of the bad instant coffee and powdered milk. Upgrade to a machine that makes coffee your employees actually enjoy. You will quickly find your coffee machine and breakroom become a hub of your business. A place where co-workers catch up, get to know one another and become a team. Like a water cooler but much more delicious!
Take a look at coffee machines that use a pod or capsule system. Press a button and just like magic, delicious coffee comes pouring out. For a more authentic experience, pick a machine that grinds the beans to release fresh coffee, bursting with flavor.

Create seating areas that are fit for purpose

Some employees will use the breakroom to relax, unwind and get a few moments to themselves. Others will use the space to socialize, have a laugh, and catch up on office gossip. It is important to provide comfortable seating areas that work for both. Beanbags are comfortable, portable and don’t take up too much space. A corner lounge suite is perfect for a worn-out employee sneaking in a nap and a small group having a chat or impromptu meeting.
Cold, hard, plastic chairs are a terrible option. Instead choose furniture your employees actually want to sit on!

It’s important to have enough tables so that employees can eat their lunch comfortably. Large tables will encourage people to sit together and strike up a conversation.

Games tables will liven up any breakroom

Pool and table tennis encourage playful competition. Bring out the competitive edge in your employees and promote some healthy competition during break time. There are many other games to consider too.

• Giant Jenga is an entertaining game for players and spectators; it will turn the most uptight adults into big kids.
• Monopoly is a controversial choice, but when played in the right spirit can be fun and engaging. It’s also great for honing those negotiation skills!
• Foosball or pinball can be a great addition to a smaller break room. They don’t take up too much space but will prove a hit.

Provide quiet activities as well

Adult coloring books have become very popular. Enthusiasts enjoy exercising the creative part of their brain on an activity that is both relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

Crosswords and puzzle books are a great addition to the usual magazines and newspapers. Start a book exchange, you will find it quickly becomes a conversation starter that brings your workforce closer together.

Good employers know that staff are their greatest asset. A happy, healthy, relaxed workforce work more efficiently, are more creative and don’t get itchy feet. A well-appointed break room is an opportunity for you to show your staff that you value their happiness and want them to enjoy their time at work.

Never underestimate how much employees value their break time. Show them you get-it, by providing a breakroom they tell their friends about!

This guest blog was written by Cassie Smith.

Cassie Smith is a Marketing Manager at 7 Grams Coffee, an office coffee and machine supplier for 300+ offices around Australia. Her pleasures in life revolve around traveling, cycling and spreading the word about high-quality coffee.
upliftevents - The Breakroom: Make Your Office A Fun Place To Work

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