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7 Quirky and Creative Ways to Thank Your Superstar Employees

Tweet It’s hard to find two words in the English language more powerful than ‘thank you.’ We say them a lot, but most of the time this is out of habit or common courtesy. We rarely find ways to really express what we mean when we say thank you, and this needs to change, especially […]

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How to Deal with Stress at Work

Tweet Are you trying to figure out how to deal with stress at work? You’re not alone! Thousands of people are affected by work related stress on a daily basis, and a constant barrage of this stress could cause severe instability in your life. Yes of course, many people like to say that “it’s just […]

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The Breakroom: Make Your Office A Fun Place To Work

Tweet Happy employees are productive employees. Innovative businesses are always searching for new ways to make their office a place that employees want to be. We don’t all work at Google, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t follow their lead by making employees the focus of office design by providing break out spaces that encourage […]

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10 Ways to Conduct Great Interviews With Potential Employees

Tweet Breaking the ice with a new potential employee can be awkward for everybody involved. You’re conducting a conversation from a place of power, vetting them for appropriate skills and workplace fit, and in turn, they’re seeing whether your company is the sort of environment they could thrive to their greatest potential in. All this […]

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Practical Strategies for Increasing Mental Resilience in the Workplace

Tweet When it comes to overcoming challenges in the workplace, the right mindset is only half the battle. Learn these practical strategies for building mental resilience and make a daily habit of cultivating your inner strength. Set milestone goals Often the workplace focus is on end goals. Big ticket items like quarterly profit margins or […]

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The 6 Different Office Personality Types and How they Work Together

Tweet Flowers have the power to brighten up our day. Their beauty, delicacy, and scent are a powerful tool that can lift everyone’s spirit in a heartbeat. For centuries, flowers have been associated with magnificence and splendour, but the effect on human behaviour they can create is not just related to their scent and shape, […]

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Tips for Boosting Your Staff Out of the Mid-Year Motivation Slump

Tweet Running a business is a tough enough prospect at the best of times, and that’s why building a good team to support you is crucial. As we reach the halfway point in the year, you may be seeing signs of your team starting to flag. It could be the result of finishing the previous […]

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Simple Ways to Increase Positivity and Eliminate Toxicity in the Workplace

Tweet Negativity is contagious and can be hugely damaging to an office environment. Negativity breeds employees who are unhappy in their jobs, and this unhappiness leads to reduced productivity. When things get really bad mistakes are made – mistakes that can cost your business dearly. When you think about the aspects that make up a […]

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How to Encourage a Healthy Balance of Work and Life for Your Employees

Tweet It’s the middle of the night, and your phone buzzes with a business email from another timezone, alerting you to a disaster that you’ll have to deal with when you come into the office in the morning. In a world where it feels impossible to switch off, maintaining a healthy balance of work and […]

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5 Great Ways to Welcome New Employees to the Workplace

Tweet Let’s take a look at this from the new employee’s perspective first. You’ve finally made it through an intense hiring process and can’t wait to get stuck into your dream role at an exciting company. It’s your first day on the job, and when you arrive in the office, reception doesn’t know who you […]

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