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Corporate Teambuilding Company

Uplift Events was founded in 2005 after an ‘Amazing Race’ event organised by Sam for a birthday party, led Conant and Sam to establish an events company that offered the people of Melbourne & companies who believed in corporate team building, a fresh, exciting and fun new activity.

With over 16 years experience working in the corporate industry between them, both Conant and Sam were looking for a change. They knew the importance of uplifting team morale and celebrating successes within the corporate world through corporate team building activities. Something they witnessed being neglected by many team building companies that emphasised on conference team building only. Having participated in many corporate team building events themselves, they found that many companies didn’t have the time or know how to reward their staff with something new and exciting and ended up doing the same old team building / social activities such as bowling, company lunches/dinners, conference team building and drinks at a pub.

After quitting their corporate jobs, they both set out on creating a company that filled a gap they saw in the market for team building events that were uplifting, fun, unique and most importantly, customisable. They felt employees needed to be rewarded with personalised events through corporate team building activities that were not only fun & memorable, but provided them with a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

With this vision, they started to research and design an ‘Amazing Race’ event that was not only enjoyable, but great for fitness and health. By December 2005, the first public Melbourne Amazing Race® was launched with great success. Since then, Uplift Events has gone from strength-to-strength providing many companies and people from the general public with the unforgettable team building experience and enjoyment of an Uplift Events’ event.

Uplift Events also has a passion to give back to the community. Each of Uplift Events’ public events proudly supports the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Why Choose Uplift Events?

  • Award winning Australian owned company with a strong management & corporate background with over 16 years of experience between both directors, who come from large corporate firms.
  • All our event programs are 100% customisable to ensure they meet your requirements and outcomes. No two events we facilitate are ever the same. We offer a variety of different event packages and options which can be tailored & customised to meet your needs and budgets.
  • Able to package & deliver fun and informal events, through to serious objective focused events.
  • Large range of suppliers and networks, offering clients a huge option of proven activities and events.
  • Our events are facilitated with the highest staff to participant ratio to ensure maximum enjoyment, quality and most importantly safety.
  • Our goal is to help you achieve success out of the event and can meet up with you at any time to discuss your requirements in more detail.
  • Our people are our culture and we deliver to our values of offering personalised service to all our clients through our professional and friendly staff.
  • We assign each client with their own event coordinator who will work with you leading up to your event. The event coordinator will then tailor the event for your group and ensure it meets your objectives.
  • Proven track record of success with over 2,000 corporate events organised and counting since 2006 for clients from all different industries and backgrounds.
  • As the Melbourne Amazing Race® is an Uplift Events’ registered trademark, the event is the only one of its kind in Melbourne and has built a solid reputation as the leading ‘Amazing Race’ team building event of choice by many companies.
  • Uplift Events was a 2012 Monash Business Awards winner, winning the Monash Enterprise Centre Rising Star Award and a finalist for the 2013 South East Business Awards. Many of our clients are through referrals or repeat business, happily referring Uplift Events onto others or coming back for our outstanding service.

Uplift Events Monash Business Awards

Mission Statement

‘To create tailored, uplifting and memorable event experiences with outstanding personalised service’

Uplift Events is committed to the following company values:

1. Providing outstanding and personalised service to our clients.

We have a commitment to provide the highest level of service to our clients through our staff and services we offer. This commitment stems from a dedication to provide a personalised service to our clients through all the stages of an event (lead-up, on the event day & post event).

2. Providing rewarding, uplifting and unique events.

Uplift Events supplies personalised events/activities that are not often readily available in the market to corporate companies. We provide clients with an experience that leaves them walking away with satisfaction and a sense of achievement, while also meeting their goals. All events and activities are designed to assist with developing teamwork, problem solving, communication, competitiveness and decision making while also having fun.

3. Having friendly, reliable and helpful staff.

We achieve this through a high number of friendly and quality staff that help execute your team building event on the important day. For example, we offer a true “Amazing Race” experience with staff at every checkpoint – so that the event isn’t just a scavenger hunt. This ensures we have more staff running our events than other ‘similar’ events out in the market.

4. Providing value for money for clients with different budgets.

We work closely with our clients to tailor our events to suit their budget and requirements. We offer customisable events which are quoted accordingly depending on duration, size, budget, lunch, type of activities and the additional extras such as trophies, water, MET tickets etc.

5. Providing variety and different events packages and options which can be tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

We can design the event to have challenges to accommodate the demographic of the client and the locations they would like to visit. Each of our events are uniquely tailored to each of our clients, so that no two clients will ever have the same event. We do not sell set event packages, instead we work with our clients to ensure each of the activities and challenges are designed to test the competitive nature of the participants, improve communication, working relationships (both personal and professional) and team cohesion. It will inject motivation into the staff, and provide them with a drive and goal to work together to achieve an outcome – something which can be applied back in the workplace.

6. Respect, value and empower our staff.

Uplift Events promotes a unique, fun and enjoyable work environment for our staff. We like to give everyone an opportunity for growth and provide an open forum for staff to give useful feedback and suggestions to help the operations of the business. We aim to be recognised as an employer by choice by the employees and general public.