Melbourne Amazing Race® Trademark

Back in 2005 when the idea was first conceptualised, there were only a handful of companies that organised ‘Amazing Race’ team building events. Fast forward 5 years, and with the popularity of the TV show at an all time high along with Australia’s own version on Channel 7, there are now an endless supply of companies that offer and organise ‘Amazing Race’ team building events.

So what makes our Melbourne Amazing Race® so different?

1. The team at Uplift Events are huge fans of the show!

We don’t just run the event to cash in on the popularity. The story behind Uplift Events all started from an ‘Amazing Race’ event organised for a birthday celebration back in 2005.

2. The Melbourne Amazing Race® is a registered trademark owned exclusively by Uplift Events.

The event is the only one of its kind in Melbourne and has built a solid reputation as the team building event of choice by many companies. We have also run over 15 public events since 2005 to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation, and have attracted thousands of people to compete in these fun filled public events!

3. It is the only REAL and TRUE ‘Amazing Race’ in Melbourne.

A lot of companies on the market offer an ‘Amazing Race’ event which really ends up being a treasure or scavenger hunt. Be careful of so called ‘Amazing Race’ events by other companies where you collect things or take photos over the course of the race to get points. Anybody who has seen the TV show knows that isn’t an Amazing Race! These events are more like our Great Pursuit and Paparazzi events.

4. Our event has real race cards with directions to your next checkpoint.

Our staff manage each of our checkpoints with a large selection of challenges which teams can tailor and include into their event. Each of these challenges have real DETOUR and ROADBLOCK race cards.

5. We have more staff managing our Amazing Race event than many other companies.

Unlike other companies that run the event with skeleton staff (maybe 1-2 staff), we use a large number of friendly and helpful staff for each of our Melbourne Amazing Races®. Since the event isn’t a scavenger hunt type of event, we cannot afford NOT to have officials at every checkpoint to manage the challenges properly.

6. We do not sell or offer a set race package.

We allow our clients the flexibility to tailor their events. Everything from duration to selecting their start and finish locations, through to their challenges and all the locations in between. We can work with clients to design an event to meet their requirements and budget.

7. We have achieved great results and satisfaction for our clients.

We have had many clients come back to us again and again for the professional and personalised events that we offer.

8. With Uplift Events, you have the confidence of working with a professional company that has a permanent office with dedicated event staff.

We will take your calls and answer e-mails and have a long, reliable history. We are proud of our original and only Melbourne Amazing Race® and this is our full time job, not just something we do on the side.

9. Our people are our culture.

Our people are our culture and we deliver to our values by offering personalised service to all our clients through our professional and friendly team.

So book a Melbourne Amazing Race® NOW by filling in a Quote Form.